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Linode UI

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This repository is the home for all things related to front-end development at Linode.

Running Projects Within the Repository

To get started running Linode UI projects locally, please see the Getting Started documentation.


If you already have your development environment set up, please read the contributing guidelines to get help in making your first PR.

I want to contribute to Cloud Manager 😍

Along with the contributing guidelines, you can read our code conventions and Cloud Manager testing conventions docs for instructions on how write code inline with what we expect.

I want to contribute to the JavaScript SDK 😎

Amazing! Please check out the documentation in the SDK directory

Reaching Out

You can submit feedback in two ways

  1. Submit feedback to
  2. Create a GitHub Issue

Both are monitored by the developers and product owners and we make a point to respond and take action upon feedback.


All code located in this repository is distributed under the terms of the APLv2 license.