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What is it?

Xreader is a document viewer capable of displaying multiple and single page
document formats like PDF and Postscript. For more general information about
Xreader please visit our website at

This software is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2 from June
1991 (see COPYING).


GTK+-3 development packages for *nix-like platforms. These information are only
interesting for developers, for users, certain dependencies can be retrieved
via automatic tools like rpm, apt, or such ones. The following options can be
enabled during build:

    - GConf Support
    - GTK+ Unix Print
    - Keyring Support
    - DBUS Support
    - SM client support
    - Thumbnailer
    - Previewer
    - Gtk-Doc Support
    - Debug mode
    - GObject Introspection


This package should be available through your favorite software installation
tool. If you like to build it from source start by reading the chapter
'Building Xreader from source', and the file INSTALL.

Building Xreader from source

1) Install prerequisites:

    apt install git dpkg-dev
    apt install gobject-introspection libdjvulibre-dev libgail-3-dev          \
                libgirepository1.0-dev libgtk-3-dev libgxps-dev               \
                libkpathsea-dev libpoppler-glib-dev libsecret-1-dev           \
                libspectre-dev libtiff-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev libxapp-dev  \
                mate-common meson xsltproc yelp-tools

2) Download the source-code to your machine:

    git clone

3) cd into the downloaded folder

    cd xreader

4) Run meson with options you like. The following configuration installs
   all binaries, libs, and shared files into /usr/local, and enables all
   available options:

    meson debian/build \
        --prefix=/usr/local \
        --buildtype=plain \
        -D deprecated_warnings=false \
        -D djvu=true \
        -D dvi=true \
        -D t1lib=true \
        -D pixbuf=true \
        -D comics=true \
        -D introspection=true

5) Compile and install (sudo is needed for install)

    ninja -C debian/build
    ninja -C debian/build install

6) Now you can run and test (most executables are in /usr/local/bin):


    If you want to test the daemon, run:


    You can enable debugging with the G_MESSAGES_DEBUG environmental

7) You can uninstall the installed files with

    ninja -C debian/build uninstall


Our Coding Guidelines can be found under

Optional Backend Libraries

- Poppler for PDF Backend [ ]
- DjVuLibre for DjVu viewing [ ]
- Rar for viewing CBR comics [ ]
- libgxps for XPS documents [ ]
- GhostScript for Postscript Backend [ ]
- What about libspectre [ ]
- TIFF Backend
- DVI Backend
- Pixbuf Backend
- Comics Backend
- Impress Backend

Requirements to Run Tests

- python-dogtail [ ]
- python-pyatspi2 [ ]

Optional Programs

- Freeware unrar for viewing CBR comics [ ]
- Gna! unrar (unrar-free) can be used too, though it can't decompress rar v3.0
  files [ ]
- unzip for viewing CBZ comics [ ]
- p7zip for viewing CB7 comics [ ]