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Lipas is a nationwide, public GIS service of Finnish sport sites.
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prod | dev | ci | issues | dev-tasks | use-cases (finnish) | ideas (finnish)

LIPAS is a nationwide, public GIS service of Finnish sport sites. More information here.

LIPAS consists of three main services:

  • Hub for data and information of sports facility conditions
  • Monitoring energy efficiency of public ice stadiums
  • Monitoring energy efficiency of public indoor swimming pools

Tech stack

Architecture diagram


Webapp is written in Clojure(script).


Webapp backend is a simple HTTP(s) service with endpoints for different tasks. Some endpoints require authentication. Authentication is implemented using HTTP-basic authentication and signed JWT-tokens.


Postgis database

Spatial PostGIS for master data storage.


Web facing Nginx reverse proxy, ssl-termination.


Mapproxy basemap proxy and cache.


ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) is used to provide webapp search funtionalities as well as data and monitoring information.

Old Lipas

All data flows also to old Lipas which exposes the data through Geoserver and legacy REST-Api.


See Api-documentation here.


Geoserver publishing spatial data. See available layers here.

Dev-env setup

# Create env-file from template

# Fill in secrets

# Run setup script


Add following to your hosts file to use same hostnames in both docker and host while developing.

# Lipas dev       postgres       backend-dev       mapproxy       elasticsearch       kibana       logstash       proxy

Production build


docker-compose run backend-build

See certs/


docker-compose run frontend-npm-deps
docker-compose run frontend-npm-bundle
docker-compose run frontend-build
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