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Common Lisp Statistics

Statistical analysis with Common Lisp


  1. lisp-stat lisp-stat Public

    Lisp-Stat main system

    Common Lisp 137 10

  2. data-frame data-frame Public

    Forked from tpapp/cl-data-frame

    Data frames for Common Lisp

    Common Lisp 26 4

  3. numerical-utilities numerical-utilities Public

    Forked from tpapp/cl-num-utils

    Utilities for numerical programming

    Common Lisp 13 6

  4. plot plot Public

    A vega-lite DSL for Common Lisp

    Common Lisp 28 10

  5. project-template project-template Public

    Project template for Lisp-Stat

    Common Lisp 1

  6. lla lla Public

    Forked from tpapp/lla

    Lisp Linear Algebra

    Common Lisp 12 1


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