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Lob Insomnia

An Insomnia REST client collection for calling Lob API endpoints.

Steps to get up and running

Follow these steps to quickly get up and running with the Lob API and Insomnia.

1. Download Insomnia Client

Visit Insomnia and download the desktop client.

2. Sign up for a Lob account

Create an account at

Login to Lob dashboard and navigate to Settings.

Click on the API Keys tab. Look at your Secret and Publishable API Keys. You'll use the test_*. for your Test API key and live_*. for your Live API key.

settings and api key

3. Import the Lob Insomnia collection

Run in Insomnia}

Click Create in the Insomnia app and choose file.

Locate either lob-insomnia-1.0.0.json or lob-insomnia-1.0.0.yaml in your file system and then click Import.

4. Add your Test API key to the environment in Insomnia

Get the test API key from Settings in Lob.

Go to the environment dropdown in Insomnia desktop and select Manage Environments.

manage environment

Paste your Lob Test API key as the value for httpUsername in your OpenAPI env and click Done.

paste API keys in environment

5. Start exploring Lob APIs

A good place to start it to Create one or more addresses and List the addresses. Other endpoints will use the address id returned from the List operation.

You'll also want to Create one or more templates and List the templates prior to exploring Postcards and Self-mailers.

Coming Soon

Watch this space

Video tutorial on setting up Insomnia

coming soon

Blogpost on setting up Insomnia

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An Insomnia collection for authenticating and calling Lob API endpoints







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