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Collaborative Melody Composition using a Generative Affect Model
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FugueGenerator - Collaborative Melody Composition using a Generative Affect Model

This is the original source code for the prototypical rhythm sequencing application in the publication:

Klügel, Niklas and Hagerer, Gerhard and Groh, Georg. "FugueGenerator - Collaborative Melody Composition Based on a Generative Approach for Conveying Emotion in Music"

Abstract: This paper exemplifies an approach for generative music software. Therefore new operational principles are used, i.e. drawing melody contours and changing their emotional expression by making use of valence and arousal. Known connections between music, emotions and algorithms out of existing literature are used to deliver a software experience that augments the skills of individuals to make music according to the emotions they want. A user-study lateron shows the soundness of the implementation in this regard. A comprehensive analysis of in-game statistics makes it possible to measure the music produced by testers so that connections between valence, arousal, melody properties and contours and emotions will be depicted. In addition, temporal sequences of reaction patterns between music making individuals during their creative interaction are made visible. A questionnaire filled out by the testers puts the results on a solid foundation and shows that the incorporated methods are appreciated by the users to apply emotions musically as well as for being creative in a free and joyful manner.

which can be found here: , published in the proceedings of the ICMC2014

FugueGenerator is originally a tabletop application but the framework also allows use with mouse input apart from TUIO and native win7 touch.


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