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Supported IDEs:

Engine awards:

Attending project on the Intel ISEF and EUCYS 2018  as a result of winning an Intel ISEF-affiliated fair at a national level.   Winning project of national and district round of the Students` Professional Activities (SPA) for the Czech Republic. Awarded as best student project of 2017 for district of Liberec.

Note: All financial prizes are used to further improve quality of Simplex. For details about marketing see below.

A handful of commercially successful projects powered by Simplex RPG Engine:

Fate of Hero (Kedarsoft)
A successful crowdfunding campaign on, 10 000 CZK (370 EUR) raised.

Shuups (K&P Games)
Published on the Google Play

Fire Braid (Stalof)
In dev, to be published on the Google play & Steam, 700 EUR (19 000 CZK) raised.

Mini road architect (Digifox sro.)
In dev, to be published on Steam, budget in thousands of eur.

On the other shore (Václav Valenta, Matěj Štágl)
In dev, to be published on Steam

Engine preview:

The future is within your grasp. Start here.

Would you like to ask something about the engine, or have you created a game using Simplex and want to let us know? Contact us!

Our fellow users are extending resources database which helps you jump directly into the development. Take a look at some of the art submissions!

Version history can be found here:

2.0 P-DEV

Hit us on marketplace and support development:

As opensource project we are always short of funds, which are, despite the fact we don't like it necessary for the development. Licences, professional art, coding, music & sfx - all of that costs a small fortune. So we've decided to offer some parts of Simplex on the marketplace for symbolic price - 9.99$ (we get cca 8$ out of that) as assets. These assets are cleaned of Simplex dependencies but still are in function equivalent to their in-simplex counterparts, therefore they are ready to be used in projects without SimplexCore.

Please note that buying any of them is optional and you can still find all of them as part of Simplex
Pay us a visit, plenty of awesome stuff in here!

We are using our own CMS "LofovaChýše", it's opensource as well! Check it out.
Copyright © 2018 Matěj Štágl.
Hall of fame (development team)
Read the license, under which the project is available.