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We use this as the foundation for new WordPress projects at log.


This guide assumes some basic familiarity with the command line, the Git version control system and Docker or Vagrant.

We recommend using a OS X machine but a PC with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 64 bit Operating System should work just fine. Refer to Windows troubleshooting section for detailed information on system requirements and problem solving.

There are many graphical tools allowing you to achieve the same results as the ones described here, but a step-by-step guide for those is outside the scope of this document.


Altough it is possible to run it with other versions, this guide assumes that php 7.2, composer,node v8.12.0 and gulp 3.9.0 are used.

Setting up development environment

Currently at log we use and recommend a simple Docker based development environment for WordPress, WP-Docker-Construct.

Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) configuration files are included in this project but as this is a legacy setup, its no longer tested. If you like to use it follow WP-Construct VVV Setup instructions.


This setup bundles a genesis child theme. If you intend to use it, you must have Genesis main theme (the Genesis Framework) in order for the child-theme to work. You can get it at It is also possible to install themes through composer or by running the build script.

Build themes and plugins

A build script is included to help you setup wordpress. You can find this script in $ .scripts/

This script operates in two modes, local and live mode.

Local mode

This mode allows you to install and build themes and plugins.

$ sh .scripts/
Would you like to install a THEME? y
Please select the theme to install:
1) git repository URL
2) genesis-starter

Git repository url

If you choose option 1) git repository URL you're allowed to fetch a git remote theme as a submodule or clone and build it:

#? 1
Theme git repository URL:
Would you like to clone or install as submodule (c/s)? s
Cloning into '/Users/dev/WP-Construct/wp-content/themes/dev-theme'...
Would you like to build 'dev-theme' (y/n)? y

Genesis theme

If you choose genesis-starter, it is already on disk, so you get option of building the theme right away:

#? 2
Would you like to build 'genesis-starter' (y/n)? y

Build commands

The following commands are run in /wordpress and in each build selected:

  • $ composer update ;
  • $ npm install;
  • $ npm run build --if-present;

Live mode

*Live mode * is intended to be used in a continuous integration(CI) scenário. It automatically builds /wordpress configurations and includes a commented section to build all the installed submodules automatically.


Plugins instalation can be done directly via composer on the /wordpress/composer.json or installed via submodules via build script as a clone or submodule.

Continuous Integration

A few scripts are bundled to automate continuous integration in different scenarios. For example, allows to automate testing and publishing between a git repository and wp-engine. Check .scripts folder for available scripts.

Windows troubleshooting 

Required windows version

Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 64 bit Operating System are the supported versions, Hyper-V is required. Check this article if you need to enable Hyper-V.


MSBUILD : error MSB4132: The tools version "2.0" is unrecognized. Available tools versions are "4.0

If you face this error when building do as following:

  • open up a new gitbash as administrator and run: $ npm install --global --production windows-build-tools
  • then run $ npm config set msvs_version 2017;
  • close all instances of gitbash, reopen a gitbash (regular this time, non-administrator) return to the project directory and run build again.


Boilerplate for a new WordPress project with a Genesis Framework based theme.





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