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Command line encoding tester and converter.

Note: The only conversion target encoding will ever be utf8, use iconv if you want others.

This is mostly intended for easily testing what encoding a file is in. You may test by specific encodings, by language, or by encoding families. This uses python's entire list, but you can see it with -l as well.

If you only use one -e for a file (ie. you're not comparing encodings), it will print the result to stdout.

Quick note: if you use -i it will show samples and save to files, if you use -si it will print the entire input to screen. I don't suggest using -si if you expect newlines.

Command Line

Usage: [options] [file | string | -i]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -l, --list            List all, encodings, families, or languages.
  -e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING
	                    Test given encoding.
  -f FAMILY, --family=FAMILY
	                    Test entirety of given family.
  -L LANGUAGE, --language=LANGUAGE, --lang=LANGUAGE
	                    Test entirety of given language.
  -a, --all             Test all encodings.
  -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
	                    Output folder (default: make one in temp).
  -s, --string          Input is string data, not a folder.
  -i                    Read from stdin (implies --string).
  -v, --verbose         Show decoding failures.
  -n, --names           Print list of filenames instead of samples (not usable
	                    with --string).