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A wonderful Java SDK for developing with WePay.

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WePay Java SDK

This API implements v2 of the WePay API.

It is documented on their website:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at



To do a release: mvn deploy -DperformRelease=true

How to use

First, become familiar with how their API works (see link above). Then, this is some code to get you started...

// Get an instance of the API. It is threadsafe.
WePayApi api = new WePayApi(new WePayKey(clientId, clientSecret, production));

// Generate a auth url
String url = api.getAuthorizationUri(Scope.getAll(), authRedirectUrl, myState);

// Use the code to generate a token.
Token token = api.getToken(code, authRedirectUrl);

// Getting details about a user using an AccessToken
WePayUser user = api.execute(token.getAccessToken(), new UserRequest());

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the license on this code?

A: MIT License

Q: Is this an official API from WePay?

A: I don't have any connection with WePay other than I'm just a happy user of their product. They've been really responsive to me and I just wanted to give back a bit.

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