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Collect, create and trade cryptogood assets.
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Chrome Extension


Cryptogoods Browser Extension (Counterparty/BTC)

Compatible with Chrome and Firefox

Under active development

Install from Web Store

Install from Package (for Firefox users)

Install from Source


  • Download "Chrome Extension" folder from this repository.
  • Go to chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome browser.
  • Make sure Developer Mode is selected and click on "Load unpacked"
  • Select the directory "Chrome Extension".


Release Notes

v0.1 - Initial release

v0.2 - Issuances via Imgur

v0.2.1 - Twitter buttons

v0.2.2 - Improve collection feed

v0.2.3 - Fix digirare image feed

v0.2.4 - Image Anchors

v0.2.5 - Allow spending from unspent UTXOs

v0.2.6 - Link Twitter username to address

v0.2.7 - UX improvement, update Twitter link method

v0.2.8 - Fix lock divisible asset bug

v0.2.9 - Add priority and economy fee estimates

v0.3.0 - Firefox compatibility

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