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Community-operated website for the Loot project guided by the Loot Alliance.

What is the Loot Alliance?

The Loot Alliance is a collective of builders, designers, and geeks working together to channel the voice of the wider Lootverse community.

Our goal is to shepherd the ongoing Lootverse in the direction of positivity, inclusiveness and fun in order to create a strong foundation for players and builders.

Read here for more:

Propose PR for new Project

All new projects need to first submit a PR adding their project to the resources page.

  • Add project into /utils/lists.ts

Principles for what makes it to the "Main Page" vs. on the "Resources Page”

Objective principles

  • Has website
  • Has shipped code
  • Isn't a rug
  • Isn't deeply offensive
  • Has active usage
  • Has an active team/builders

Subjective and decentralized principles

  • Loot Alliance voting mechanism
  • Community input
  • Lootwatcher votes
  • LootProject retweets as tacit votes
  • Canon

Run locally

# Install dependencies

# Run

yarn dev