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wargo: Easy Rust to Webassembly
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wargo makes it easy to compile Rust into WebAssembly on macOS or Linux. To install:

npm install -g wargo

To use, just wargo build instead of cargo build. We'll automatically make sure the Emscripten compiler is installed and configured before each run.

cargo new --bin meow
cd meow
wargo build

Want to run your tests in the browser? No problem — we've got wargo test. Just run Selenium locally, set some environment variables, and you're ready to go.

export WEBDRIVER_HOST="localhost"
export WEBDRIVER_PORT="5555"
wargo test

Don't want to install Selenium? wargo can also run tests using Sauce Connect.

export SAUCE_USERNAME="your username"
export SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY="blah-1234-1234-1234"
export WEBDRIVER_CAPABILITIES='{"browserName": "chrome"}'
wargo test

For more information, check out the tutorial blog post.

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