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This is the master repository that generates the content for my personal website. The code behind my website is powered by Pelican, a Python static website generator.

Getting started

git clone --recursive repo-url  # downloads the submodules

What's in the repo?

To find more Pelican themes explore here.

Need help configuring your own Pelican repos? Read here.

Generating content

The Pelican theme (in this case voce) has templates that define the design of the website. The customizations for configuring a Pelican website are found in the file in this repo.

To create content add a Markdown or RST file with the name of the page or article you'd like to create. Markdown, as used in this repo, will need to be installed via pip install Markdown.

Once your pages (the site navigation sections defined in the menu) or articles (e.g. blog posts) are created you:

make html && make serve  # Exports static pages/articles to /output and serves locally

If all looks good you can: make publish (or make html but ensure your SITE_URL is set to not to localhost in

cd /output
git remote -v  # ensure points to the github page repo
git add 
git commit -m 'new pages'
git push

Navigate to to see the changes real time!

For an entire overview of getting started with Pelican read the documentation.

Questions or comments?

How do you add your own domain to your github page?

You need to add a CNAME file with your domain name in your github pages repo. Additionally you'll need to configure your DNS record on your domain provider.

Examples tutorials:


Navigate to my website and find the contact info!


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