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moj is a plug-in for the TopCoder arena that helps you compete
locally. When you open a problem, moj pulls the example test cases
from the problem statement and adds test code to your source
file. When you run your solution locally, it will be run on the
examples. The test code will be stripped when you submit your solution
in the Arena.

moj supports C++ and Java.

moj extends the functionality of TZTester. It requires CodeProcessor
(v2.0 recommended) and FileEdit, both of which are bundled with
moj. Improvements over TZTester are:

1. Output is prettier. Numbers are no longer surrounded by quotes. A
   small summary is output after the results for individual cases. If
   this summary does not appear, your program crashed while solving
   one of the cases.

2a. Doubles and arrays of doubles are compared correctly (with an
    absolute and relative tolerance of 1e-9).

2b. If the result is a double or array of doubles and your output is
    not exact, moj will display the relative error of your output.
    For example:

    Test Case #0... PASSED (relative error 5.44969e-014)
    Test Case #1... PASSED (relative error 5.68462e-012)
    Test Case #2... PASSED (relative error 4.05691e-008)
    Test Case #3... PASSED
    All 4 tests passed!

    The purpose of this feature is to alert you when your solution may
    be insufficiently precise. Test case 2 passes because the absolute
    error is small enough. However, it is a good indicator that your
    solution is not precise enough for systests. Indeed, modifying the
    code to use 80-bit floating-point variables changes the report to:

    Test Case #0... PASSED (relative error 2.88899e-015)
    Test Case #1... PASSED (relative error 3.82932e-015)
    Test Case #2... PASSED (relative error 4.63219e-012)
    Test Case #3... PASSED
    All 4 tests passed!

3. Restructured test harness. Adding custom cases is much easier.
   Placeholders are in place at the bottom of the test code, just
   scroll down and uncomment one of them. You may also add additional

4. Java support. Through a hack (language auto-detection from source
   code, based on heuristics) you may switch between Java and C++
   after opening a problem.

5. Timing per test case.

6. Visual C++ support.


1. Unzip the three .jar files in the moj package to a folder of your 

2. Launch the Arena. Open the "Options" menu and select "Editors".

3. Add CodeProcessor, with entry point codeprocessor.EntryPoint. Add
   codeprocessor.jar, moj.jar and fileedit.jar to the classpath.

4. In the "Editor preferences" window, select CodeProcessor then
   "Configure". Under "Editor EntryPoint" write fileedit.EntryPoint.
   Configure FileEdit.

   The most important part is to update the code template(s). Under
   the "Code Template" tab, select your language and paste in the code
   template. Included in the moj package are minimal code templates
   for C++ and Java.

   On the "General" tab I recommend turning off "Backup existing file
   then overwrite".

5. In the CodeProcessor configuration window, write moj.moj as the
   processor class and verify. If all is good, you'll get 4 "found"
   reports. Configure moj to your liking.

For bug reports, suggestions and questions, please use the member
contact feature at the TopCoder website or the forum thread. My handle
is lovro.
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