Communicating Sequential Processes in Lua
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Communicating Sequential Processes in Lua: an extension.

LuaCSP library is a framework that allows you to create pseudo-concurrent programming language embeddable in your application.

Read the comprehensive documentation (an article) here.

See the introductional slides here.


  • The world is parallel. Typical simulation and robotics projects deal with many entities acting and interacting concurrently.

  • Event-oriented systems (command+callback, finite state machines - FSMs) can be implemented very efficiently but the resulting model logic is quite fragmented, as the scheduling and the evaluation of conditions are scattered throughout the event routines.

  • Callbacks and FSMs are way too low-level. FSMs are non-composable.

  • Asyncronous "push" multi-threaded systems are hard to program and understand. Whould be nice to orchestrate them at a higher level in synchronous way: back to natural control flow - stack and sequence are very powerful abstractions.

We should resolve these complexity and maintainability issues.


We introduce next level you model in: embeddable Lua-based programming language with concurrent control-flow semantics.

So, LuaCSP:

  • Uses the Occam programming language ideas by Tony Hoare (the author of Quicksort).
  • Follows the principle of compositionality.
  • Introduces restrictions and rules, how entities behave and interact.
  • Extends Lua in standard way, includes it as a subset.

LuaCSP can be used under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

Please, contact Alexey Baskakov if you want to use LuaCSP under any other license.

Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Alexey Baskakov. Feel free to contact the author for additional features, consulting and support.