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generator-ng-cordova Build Status

Getting Started

What is ng-cordova?

Since my creation of I've been wanting to create an angular, phonegap/cordova generator for yeoman and here it is!

Installation Steps

  1. Install Yeoman
$ npm install -g yo
  1. Install the generator
$ npm install -g generator-ng-cordova
  1. In the directory you want to install the app run 'yo ng-cordova'
  2. follow the steps within the generator
  3. You're done! just 'cd' into the application folder

Post Installation

Once you've gone through the installation, you can start developing your app.

Use 'grunt serve' to view the app in the browser (with livereload) Use 'grunt run:android' to run on a device Use 'grunt emulate:android' to run in an emulated device (assuming you've set one up)

Get Involved

I'll keep expanding this project to be more flexible. I know other frameworks, tools and generators exist. for example check out IonicFramework for some powerful UI enhancements for angular and phonegap. I decide to stay away from this to help developers create their own UI experience. If you want a generator and the Ionic experience check out generator-angular-cordova.

I support unit tests! they are run here Build Status. If you care to contribute make sure the tests pass locally by running

$ npm test

Best of luck!