java chess (Winboard-powered, TDD-developed)
Java Batchfile


The chess software that is developed for fun.


Initial creator is Leonid Rozenblyum (the last name could also be spelled as Rozenblium according to Ukrainian transliteration rules)


Main goals for version1 are:

  • support Chess Engine Communication Protocol ( This protocol is one of de facto standards in communicating between a chess GUI and an engine. The well-known GUI implementations are XBoard/Winboard.
  • know about all chess rules (including ambiguities with the 3'd position repetition and insufficient material)
  • be able to choose at least random 'correct according to rules' move.

How to run

  • Git clone
  • Set up Winboard
  • Modify variables.bat:

    • Set up correct JAVA_PATH
  1. Default (recommended) way

    1. mvn clean package -Dproject.deployDirectory="path to set up" (-DskipTests=true if you feel brave; avoid clean phase if your IDE has already compiled the code)
    2. runEngine.bat
  2. New way (requires M3_HOME variable set up)

    1. runEngineDev.bat

Continuous Integration

Public continuous integration is accessible via

Current status of master branch: Build Status


The license is described in LICENSE file. Please read it carefully before forking the repository.