A Pokemon GO API library for Swift
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pgoapi-swift - a Pokemon Go API library for Swift

This library allows you to communicate with the Pokemon GO servers as if you are a native client.

The master branch supports the legacy pgoapi (0.35.0) in Swift 2.2.

Please use the Swift3.0 - Version 45 branch.


Swift 3.0 - Version 45 branch:

  • Xcode 8.1
  • iOS 9+/OSX 10.11+

Note: Older Swift versions are not supported anymore.


  • Authentication (both PTC and Google)
  • All implemented API requests in POGOProtos (player details, inventory, map objects..)
  • Platform request and signature builder
  • Support for the new niahash
  • and much (much!) more.


See the documentation for details on classes, protocols, structs, enums and functions used in the framework.


To update the protos, compile the Swift3.0 branch of alexeyxo/protobuf-swift and run the build script (./scripts/build.sh). Afterwards, pull the latest version of AeonLucid/POGOProtos and use protos_update.sh or run these commands:

cd POGOProtos
python compile_single.py --lang=swift --out=../PGoApi/Classes/protos/


Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!


Special thanks to https://github.com/tejado/pgoapi for the python implemention as well as https://github.com/AeonLucid/POGOProtos for specing out the protos.