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Utility to generate a TLS Certificate.
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Generate a TLS certificate

go get -v
cd ~/go/src/
go build
./genCert --help
Usage of ./genCert:
    	whether this cert should be its own Certificate Authority
  -duration duration
    	Duration that certificate is valid for (default 8760h0m0s)
  -ecdsa-curve string
    	ECDSA curve to use to generate a key. Valid values are P224, P256 (recommended), P384, P521
  -host string
    	Comma-separated hostnames and IPs to generate a certificate for
  -rsa-bits int
    	Size of RSA key to generate. Ignored if --ecdsa-curve is set (default 2048)
  -start-date string
    	Creation date formatted as Jan 1 15:04:05 2011

Example Certificate:

./genCert --ca --ecdsa-curve P384 --host example.tld

This will result in the PrivateKey key.pem and the TLS-Certificate cert.pem

Note: The PrivateKey should be kept PRIVATE, if the PrivateKey is disclosed an attacker is able to:

  • imperson you
  • decrypt your traffic
  • etc.

Generate TLS certificate for ToRat

cd ~/go/src/
go run genCert.go --ca --host youronionadresshere.onion
cp *.pem ~/go/src/
cat cert.pem

This will result in key.pem and cert.pem Then you need to change the cert in the serverCert var in ~/go/src/ to the content of cert.pem.


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