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Flavorwocky was an entry for the Neo4j Heroku Challenge and has been rewritten to use Spring Data Neo4j 4.1.


A guide to building Flavorwocky with Spring Data Neo4j 4:

Deploying Locally

  • Set up Neo4j 2.3.x
  • > git clone
  • > git checkout sdn
  • The application runs on Heroku and uses the GrapheneDB add on. It has been set up to use the environment variable called GRAPHENEDB_URL. Create an environment variable on your machine called GRAPHENEDB_URL with value of the form http://:: e.g. http://neo4j:neo@localhost:7474
  • Make sure your local Neo4j server is running
  • Create categories using the categorySetup.cql script
  • >mvn clean spring-boot:run
  • Launch the app in your browser (e.g. http://localhost:8080/)