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Python Script Launcher

PSL : A simple python script launcher with global params overridance.



  • It happens you need to run some scripts in a row
  • It happens as well you need to run a script with different params contexts
  • PSL allows to launch scripts and externally override global params
  • In a script, lib.PSLUpdateGlobalsFromEncodedCallArgs() hooks PSL in (previously defined global params can be potentially overriden)
  • From a launcher script, lib.PSLLaunch(scriptFile, scriptArgs, globalParams) will launch the script scriptFile, with args scriptArgs, and will override global params with globalParams
  • globalParams is a dictionnary of global params :
    • The keys are the name of a script global params
    • If the global param is not defined in the script, no failure
    • If the the global param is defined in the script :
      • If it is a dictionnary, the dics are merged
      • If not, the value is overriden
  • The globalParams are actually sent to the script as a base64 encoded string as the named arg --updateGlobals
  • In PSLed script, the global params are updated with inspect.currentframe()

Demo implementation

  • is the launcher script
  • are test launched scripts
  • params.json is defining groups of runs
  • A run is a python script + its global params overridances
  • Tests:
    • Manual / traditionnal launching : python
    • PSL lauching on all groups : python all
    • PSL lauching on a specific group : python smalls


  • python 3
  • pip install -r requirements.txt