A webapp that helsp programming arduino using a web browser
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Arduino Webapp

A webapp that helps programming arduino using a web browser

This app is supposed to run on a remote server connected to an Arduino (or similar) board. It provides a solution to probram the Arduino board from a remote computer using a web browser.

The use cases is an arduino connected to a Raspberry-Pi Computer.


## Arduino-mk

This application requires the Arduino Makefile to work properly, you can either install it from repository (e.g. apt-get install arduino-mk) or install it from the github repo. The second way is recommended becasue updeates: the repository arduino-mk have issues with the Arduino Leonardo Board


When working with python, it is reccomanded to use a virtual environment. Simply run

$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate

in the same forlder you downloaded the repo, then install dependences with pip

## Flask

This application uses flask microframework to accomplish web tasks, you can simply download it with the commabnd pip install flask. The application also need flask-bootstrap and flask-script.

(env)$ pip intall flask flask-bootstrap flask-script pyserial

Setting up

Before running the application, you need to You need to export some environmental variables: ARDUINO_PORT -> The port where arduino is connected ARDUINO_MK -> The route to Arduino.mk file ARDUINO_BOARD -> The tag name of the board connected, (e.g., uno or leonardo)

example (with default values):

$ export ARDUINO_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0
$ export ARDUINO_BOARD=leonardo
$ export ARDUINO_MK=/usr/share/arduino/Arduino.mk

Running the server

simply run the command

(env)$ ./manage.py runserver -h --threaded

then connect to the path http://< IP or HOSTNAME >:5000 and enjoy!


The application:

  • presents a text editor where you can write directly from the webapp Arduino code with syntax highlitghing
  • compiles and upload the code to arduino
  • Monitor Serial messages from Arduino


This Application has been test on a Respberry Pi 2 (B) running Ubunut 14.04 and an Arduino Leonardo. Tested Clients are Google Chrome and Safari Browsers on Mac OS X Yosemite