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Syslog target for NLog

NLog Syslog is a custom target for NLog available as NLog.Targets.Syslog on Nuget.

It can be used with version 5.0.0 and later of NLog and allows to send logging messages to a Syslog server.



NLog Syslog is open source software maintained by voluntary contributors in their spare time and on a best effort basis.

Support is provided for the latest version only: please update before submitting any issue.

A new versions can be usually expected every 6 months, but there might be a new release if a certain amount of pull requests are closed as part of a milestone.

In case of urgency it is advisable to fork the repository and/or create a different NuGet package.


Please take a look at the contributing guidelines to contribute to the project.

Code of conduct

Please follow the code of conduct in all your interactions.


NLog Syslog is licensed under the terms of BSD license.

Please see the LICENSE file for further information.