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A Chat Example Using TypeScript

This repository contains server & client side code using TypeScript language

Blog Post

Read the blog post with details about this project: Real Time Apps with TypeScript: Integrating Web Sockets, Node & Angular

Live Demo

Try live demo:

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Running Server and Client locally


First, ensure you have the following installed:

  1. NodeJS - Download and Install latest version of Node: NodeJS
  2. Git - Download and Install Git
  3. Angular CLI - Install Command Line Interface for Angular

After that, use Git bash to run all commands if you are on Windows platform.

Clone repository

In order to start the project use:

$ git clone
$ cd socket-io-typescript-chat

Run Server

To run server locally, just install dependencies and run gulp task to create a build:

$ cd server
$ npm install -g gulp-cli
$ npm install
$ gulp build
$ npm start

The server will be running on port 8080

When you run npm start, this folder leverages nodemon which will automatically reload the server after you make a change and save your Typescript file. Along with nodemon, there is also a gulp watch task that you can run to reload the files but it's not necessary and is provided merely as a teaching alternative.

Run Angular Client

Open other command line window and run following commands:

$ cd client
$ npm install
$ ng serve

Now open your browser in following URL: http://localhost:4200

Server Deployment

Take a look the Wiki Page for more details about deploying on Heroku and

Feel free to update that page and Readme if you add any other platform for deployment!


The Open Source community is awesome! If you're working in a fork with other tech stack, please add the reference of your project here:

Features Author Status
React + TypeScript + Material-UI client nilshartmann In Progress


Contributions are greatly appreciated. You can contribute by adding i18n support with your language, the testing section or any other feature.


luixaviles hughanderson4 ultrarunner theIDinside carmius Hellmy
luixaviles hughanderson4 ultrarunner theIDinside carmius Hellmy