A showcase app for Flutter Developers
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Flutter Developers

Flutter Developers may add themselves to this app for the purpose of showcasing their work.

Please direct all questions to @lukepighetti on the Flutter Discord


We're live on both app stores. Pipeline provided by Codemagic.


How to add yourself

  1. Create your assets folder in assets/developers/your_name, then add your avatar image.
  2. Add your assets folder to pubspec.yaml
  3. Create a page in lib/developers/your_name called YourNamePage
  4. Add a card to lib/main.dart that includes your name, business, avatar, and your page
  5. Optional: Take a 580x1031 screenshot and add it to docs/ and README.md
  6. Make a pull request


  1. Google Play links/icons/mentions are not allowed on iOS AppStore. Make them platform specific. example
  2. I will almost certainly accept your PR if your content is G rated and stays within your page.
  3. You are solely responsible for your developer folder and assets folder.
  4. I encourage you to use your page as a showcase / elevator pitch.
  5. If a PR is stuck feel free to tag me here or on Discord.