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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 15, 2023. It is now read-only.

Fastify plugin providing useful functions for Twitch Extension Backend Services (EBS)


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As of 15 March 2023 this project is no longer updated or maintained.

Fastify plugin providing utility functions for Twitch Extension Backend Services (EBS).


npm install fastify-twitch-ebs-tools

Manual build

git clone
cd fastify-twitch-ebs-tools
npm install
npm run build


Register as a plugin to get access to additional methods.

Example below assumes Twitch token to be sent via request headers.

const fastify = require("fastify");

fastify.register(require("fastify-twitch-ebs-tools"), {
  secret: "twitch shared secret",
  disabled: false,

fastify.get("/config/:channelId", (req, reply) => {
  const { token } = req.headers;
  const { channelId } = req.params;
  const valid = fastify.twitchEbs.validatePermission(

  if (valid) {
    // do something and send the reply back
    reply.send(/* reply object */);
  } else {
    // error 400

fastify.listen(3000, (error) => {
  if (error) throw error;


  • secret - Twitch shared secret used to sign and verify JWTs (required). The plugin will throw an error if no secret is provided. Required.

  • disabled - if true, all validation methods will return true. Useful for temporarily disabling route authentication for debugging purposes. Does not affect validateToken() method. Defaults to false. Optional.


All plugin methods pass arguments to relevant methods of twitch-ebs-tools. Refer to twitch-ebs-tools documentation to get more details.

Available methods:


Contributions of any kind are welcome.

You can contribute to Fastify-twitch-ebs-tools by:

  • submiting bug reports or feature suggestions
  • improving documentation
  • submitting pull requests

Before contributing be sure to read Contributing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.


To all who contribute code, improve documentation, submit issues or feature requests - thank you for making Fastify-twitch-ebs-tools even better!

We maintain an AUTHORS file where we keep a list of all project contributors. Please consider adding your name there with your next PR.


This project is not authored, affiliated or endorsed in any way by