Personal journal in terminal.
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Personal journal in terminal.

This is still work-in-progress. Please check back in a while!

This project is inspired by jrnl, although it aims at more interactive behavior.

Also, it's a way to improve my Rust skills.

Incoming features

  • Journal entries or quick notes in terminal (obviously).
  • Optional encryption.
  • Some nice way of searching the entries.
  • Interactive management console supporting history and tab-completions.

More random ideas

  • Data probably kept in text file.
  • More interfaces, perhaps NCurses or web.
  • Notes stored in "books" that can be one of:
    • Journal - dated entries
    • Notepad - wiki-like structured notes
    • Scratchpad - just one big entry
    • ...more? (To-Dos, some-sort-of-brain-dump-thing, ideas, ...?)
  • Basic navigation similar to Linux shell.
  • Statistics and streaks to encourage daily updates.
  • The first line is the title of the entry (for most cases at least).

Interface ideas

  • Basic management commands for books and entries:
    • ls, cd, cat/view/show(?), add, edit, rm, grep/find(?)

Books listing:

> ls

Entries listing:

> my_journal
my_journal> ls
Last 5 entries:
42    Example title       24-01-2016 23:44:41
41    Lorem Ipsum         22-01-2016 11:23:12
40    Dolor Sit           10-01-2016 12:32:00
39    Happy New Year      01-01-2016 00:02:02
38    Some random entry   01-01-2016 00:01:00
my_journal> 42
24-01-2016 23:44:41
Example title

This is an example entry.