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M5Stack Arduino on ESP-IDF project template
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To use as a M5Stack component of ESP-IDF

  • Download and install esp-idf
  • Create template idf project
    git clone --recursive
  • make menuconfig has some Arduino options
    • "Autostart Arduino setup and loop on boot"
      • If you enable this options, your main.cpp should be formated like any other sketch

        //file: main.cpp
        #include <M5Stack.h>
        void setup(){
          M5.Lcd.printf("hello world");
        void loop() {
      • Else you need to implement app_main() and call initArduino(); in it.

        Keep in mind that setup() and loop() will not be called in this case. If you plan to base your code on examples provided in esp-idf, please make sure move the app_main() function in main.cpp from the files in the example.

        //file: main.cpp
        #include <M5Stack.h>
        extern "C" void app_main()
            M5.Lcd.println("hello world!");
    • "Disable mutex locks for HAL"
      • If enabled, there will be no protection on the drivers from concurently accessing them from another thread/interrupt/core
    • "Autoconnect WiFi on boot"
      • If enabled, WiFi will start with the last known configuration
      • Else it will wait for WiFi.begin
  • make flash monitor will build, upload and open serial monitor to your board
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