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Black Friday Deals for macOS / iOS Software & Books


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馃挵馃捀馃挵 Black Friday Deals 2023 馃挵馃捀馃挵

This is a list of all Black Friday Deals for macOS / iOS Software & Books in 2023. Feel free to contribute via Pull Request, making sure to add new offers below existing ones.


Emoji Savings
馃挵 < 50%
馃捀 >= 50%

馃洜 Development Software

馃挵 Proxyman - Debug HTTP/HTTPS Network Faster & Smarter with Proxyman. Proxyman is a modern native macOS app that helps developers to Capture & Inspect HTTP/HTTPS traffic with ease. Support macOS, iOS (Device & Simulators), Windows, and Linux. 30% OFF with code PROXYMAN_BLACKFRIDAY_2023

馃挵 TablePlus - Modern, native client with intuitive GUI tools to create, access, query & edit multiple relational databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL. 25% OFF with code TABLEPLUS_BLACK_FRIDAY_2023

馃捀 Tower - Powerful Git client 路 50% off

馃捀 Webhookify - Simplify webhook integration with our desktop app. Easily generate, manage, and test custom webhook URLs for seamless third-party service connections 路 50% off with coupon: BLACKFRIDAY2023 until Dec 1

馃挵 LocalCan鈩 - Ngrok alternative, build and test apps with .local domains and persistent Public URLs 路 25% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY25

馃捀 DevUtils -All-in-one toolbox for developers. Fully supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura. | 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023

馃挵 DropDMG - Create professional disk images (.dmg files) for your Mac app 路 25% off

馃捀 OK JSON - A scriptable JSON formatter for macOS. | 50% OFF, both on the Mac App Store and the website with code BF2023 from Nov 23 鈥 Nov 29

馃捀 Gitonium Git Client - Let AI generate your commit messages | 50% OFF on the Mac App Store

馃挵 Parallels - Parallels Desktop 19 - 25% Off - discount applied at checkout

馃捀 Jumpstart Pro - If you're interested in building a product with Ruby on Rails, Jumpstart Pro is the perfect place to get started. | $50 off a single site license or $150 off an unlimited license.

馃捀 Blade Mail - Desktop App for Email Testing locally | 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY

馃挵 Xloc - Count lines of code on Mac. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only in the App Store

馃挵 Xformat - Clang Format app and extension for Mac. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only in the App Store

馃挵 WebMap - Sitemap generator for Mac. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only in the App Store

馃挵 WhaleDeck - The only Docker manager you will ever need. Available for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Lifetime 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

馃挵 ChatNBX - is an AI chat application that helps users generate text, images, and code. Get 50% off on our Plus subscription plan! Users can use the promo code 'BLACKFRIDAY50' to redeem the offer.

馃挵 Textastic - Code Editor for iPad and iPhone. Get Textastic for just $8.99 instead of $12.99 (30% off!)

馃挵 Kaleidoscope - Diff tool for macOS. 40% off with code CYBERMONDAY23

馃帺 Security Software

馃捀 ExploitPack - Advanced exploitation framework with 0days and 39.000+ exploits - DISCOUNT: Upgrade from 1-year license to Lifetime (Only a 10 licenses are available)

馃挵 UnderDefense CyberSecurity - 25% off Penetration testing, 24/7 Managed Detection and Response, Managed SIEM (SIEM-as-a-Service) and Incident Response Retainer.

馃帥 Utility Software

馃捀 Where To? - Discover the best places around you 鈥 wherever you are. The basic version is free, use code BLACK to get 66% OFF the first year of Where To? PRO (includes widgets, directions, favorites, augmented reality and more).

馃捀 Streets - The best way to browse, share and organize Street View panoramas on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac with Apple Silicon processor. Now 66% OFF, no code needed.

馃捀 Reporting for RevenueCat - Reporting for RevenueCat allows you to track your App Store revenue using RevenueCat in a native and great user interface. For iOS, iPadOS and macOS. 50% OFF, no code needed.

馃挵 Lingon X: An easy to use but powerful macOS app to run things automatically. 20% OFF (automatically applied)

馃捀 PastePal PastePal is the best universal pasteboard manager for Mac, iPhone and iPad. 50% OFF

馃挵 Tasks Todo Lists & Kanban. 50% Off

馃捀 Sensei - Maximise your Mac performance (macOS) 路 50% off

馃挵 SpamSieve - Add powerful spam filtering to the e-mail client on your Mac 路 25% off

馃捀 HabitLoop - Intuitive Habit tracker with interactive

馃挵 Zen Mode - Avoid those awkward moments in public places or in presentation meetings in 1-click 路 40% off Lifetime deal

馃挵 Spaces - Declutter & organize your workspace on macOS in one single click 馃帄 路 35% off Lifetime deal

馃捀 LinkYourFile - Link local files or folders in any web application. 50% off (automatically applied)

馃捀 iStat Menus 6 iStat Menus is an advanced Mac system monitor for your menubar. 75% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

馃捀 RetinaCapture - Simultaneously take 1x and 2x screenshots on Retina Macs. FREE for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only in the App Store

馃捀 DaisyDisk - Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac (50% OFF).

馃捀 Push by Techulus - Real-time monitoring with Push notifications. 50% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2023.

馃捀 Star Order - Star Order is a repository management tool for GitHub users who want to make their stars neat and ordered. (50% OFF) for Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, check it out in Mac App Store.

馃捀 ShowMeYourHotKeys - Show all app menu items hotkeys. 70% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday using coupon code BLFRIDAY.

馃捀 Splendidis - Screen Capture and Editing Application for macOS. 70% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday using coupon code BLFRIDAY.

馃捀 Quick Info - Spotlight like search for your personal info 路 Free download 路 50% OFF on upgrading to PRO

馃挵 Shottr - Shottr is a tiny and fast mac screenshot tool with annotations, scrolling screenshots and cloud upload capabilities. Black Friday Sale: Basic Tier price reduced to $6

馃搶 Productivity Software

馃捀 AnySelect The best and quickest way to use ChatGPT from anywhere on your Mac. Get 70% off with this code MRSBF2023

馃捀 Wins - A New Window Manager for macOS -Bring System-level Arrange Window features to Mac. Dock Window Previewer. Floating Split Window. 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY_2023

馃挵 Smultron: An elegant and powerful text editor for macOS that is easy to use. 20% OFF (automatically applied)

馃挵 Lasso Move and resize windows with your mouse. 40% Off with code: BLACKBLACK40

馃捀 MindPal Effortlessly build AI Agents for your tasks, on your custom data. 50% off with BLACKFRIDAY50

馃捀 ToDoBar Effortlessly manage to-dos from your Mac menu bar. 50% Off

馃挵 Paste - Endless clipboard: keep, search, and organize everything across your Mac and iOS devices. 30% off first year on all devices.

馃捀 BoltAI - A beautiful & powerful ChatGPT app for Mac. Enjoy 53% off with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023

馃挵 SideNotes - Take notes on your screen side while working, reading, browsing, studying. Always with you. With dozens of features. 40% off (automatically applied) for both macOS app and it's companion iOS / iPadOS app

馃挵 Workspaces - Project-based launcher that opens your files, folders, websites, apps etc. with one click. 40% off (automatically applied)

馃捀 MindMac - Privacy-first & feature-rich native ChatGPT client for macOS to use OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Anthropic Claude, OpenRouter all in one place, designed for maximum productivity. Use code BLACKFRIDAY to get 55% OFF.

馃捀 Beam - Floating ChatGPT for Your Mac at 70% OFF with BLACKFRIDAY23

馃挵 TypingMind - The best advanced UI for ChatGPT/GPT-4/Claude. No monthly fee, no usage limit. Use your own API key. Advanced features: chat folders, search, export, prompt library, AI characters, Text-to-speech, Web Search, Plugins | 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY2023

馃挵 superwhisper - AI powered voice to text for macOS - offline, fast and secure | 40% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY40

馃挵 DockView - Enhance your Mac experience with live window previews in the Dock for easy application management. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 ActiveDock - Customizable Dock for Mac. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 Plus AI - Your AI text assistant. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 Command-Tab Plus - Keyboard-centric application and window switcher for your Mac. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 Tab Finder - A list of all your open tabs across all browser windows in one place. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 Quick Expos茅 - Enhancing macOS Navigation Using Mission Control. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 Stage View - Stage View is a utility that adds a preview of the windows in the group in Stage Manager. | 40% OFF with code MACPLUSBLACKFRIDAY2023 or using the link

馃挵 EagleFiler - Organize files, archive e-mails, save Web pages and notes, search everything (Mac) 路 25% off

馃挵 GasbyAI - Fancy AI Personal Assistant + Apps, with Prompt and AI Character library support OpenAI, Azure, Claude, Openrouter and custom AI Provider | 30% OFF using code BF30

馃捀 Itemlist - Home Inventory App - Track and organize your items, never forget where you put something again, and be prepared for home contents insurance. | 50% off Lifetime PRO

馃捀 CleanClip - The cleanest Clipboard Manager on macOS, ever! Say goodbye to clipboard content overwrite. Master your clipboard with precision using the paste stack function. | 50% OFF with code BF2023

馃挵 Focused Work - A powerful timer that helps you focus and be productive. 50% OFF Yearly/Monthly.

馃挵 Ochi - Block distracting apps & websites on all devices. 50% OFF Yearly/Monthly.

馃捀 Audio writer iOS 馃帣锔 - No more "ums" or "ahs" in your transcripts. Get a clean, error-free transcript with improved grammar & punctuation. | 50% OFF

馃捀 Writers brew macOS 馃摑 - An AI assistant app perfect for everyday writing that turns your rough notes into finished drafts WRITE. IMPROVE. REPLY. SUMMARIZE. TRANSLATE. | 40% OFF

馃捀 Trickster - Find recently used and modified files at your fingertips. 50% off.

馃挵 Elephas - Personal AI assistant for the Mac, iPhone and iPad - Your AI Powered Second Brain. 20% off on the lifetime deal for all plans - Standard, Pro and Pro Plus. Code: BFCM23 (Valid till 27th Nov, 2023)

馃捀 Unclutter - Files, Notes & Clipboard Manager for Mac (50% OFF).

馃捀 Enconvo - The most productive all-in-one AI tool (Vision Chat, ChatPDF, TTS) with an easy plug-in system for macOS users. Enjoy 60% off with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023

馃捀 HazeOver - Highlight the front window by fading out all the background windows to turn distractions down and focus on your current task. (75% OFF).

馃捀 - Experience a smarter way to manage your time with privacy-first tracking and insightful analytics that empower you to achieve more every day (For macOS). | 40% OFF with code BF40

馃捀 Chronos Planner - Daily planner and task management app for Mac with calendar integration 路 50% off

馃捀 [BetterTouchTool]( - BetterTouchTool is a great, feature packed app that allows you to customize various input devices on your Mac. 25% off with code BTT_BLACK_FRIDAY_2023

馃捀 Quick Note - Beautiful sticky notes in your menubar 路 Free download 路 50% off on upgrading to PRO

馃捀 Filma - Elevate your presence with pro-looking videos easily in no time 路 Free download 路 90 days of Premium Plan for FREE - Claim at the website

馃挵 Pasta - Lightweight clipboard manager for designers and developers. 44% off on Pasta Pro (Lifetime).

馃挵 Mini Note 鈥 A note and widget for things you want to keep in focus. iOS & iPadOS. 33% off through November 28.

馃挵 Timemator - Automatic time tracking for Mac and iOS. 50% OFF (Lifetime license).

馃帹 Graphic Software

馃挵 Sparkle 5 - Visual Website Builder - Build the website you always wanted, visually, on your Mac. 40% OFF (automatically applied)

馃捀 Xnapper - Take beautiful screenshots easy and fast. 50% Off with BLACKFRIDAY_2023

馃挵 Affinity Designer 2 - The next generation of the award-winning vector graphics software, Affinity Designer 2 is setting the new industry standard in the world of design. 40% OFF (automatically applied - lifetime)

馃挵 Affinity Photo 2 - Affinity Photo is a raster graphics editor developed by Serif Ltd. for iOS, macOS, and Windows, alongside Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. 40% OFF (automatically applied - lifetime)

馃挵 Affinity Publisher 2 - Affinity Publisher is a desktop publishing application developed by Serif for macOS and Microsoft Windows. 40% OFF (automatically applied - lifetime)

馃捀 Pixelmator Pro - Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy-to-use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. 50% OFF (automatically applied)

馃捀 Qlone 3D Scanner - The most User-Friendly 3D Scanning app with over 2M downloads! Enjoy 50% OFF on Premium Upgrade

馃捀 ImageFramer - Add photo-releastic frames and mats to your art, add designer borders or overlays to photos on your Mac | 50% off.

馃挵 Pixen - Pixel art and animation editor for Mac and iOS. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

馃捀 Screenshot Creator Pro - The easiest way to create great App Store screenshots | 50% off.

馃彎锔 Lifestyle

馃捀 Eter - Internet radio player (iOS, Mac, 铮縏V, 铮縒atch) | 50% off, only $2.5 one-time.

馃捀 Calm My Dog - Treat Dog Separation anxiety with a proven training method. iOS | 50% off lifetime access.

馃棧锔 Social

馃挵 GroupMe - Native GroupMe client for Mac. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only in the App Store

馃帗 Reference & Education

馃捀 PDF Pals - Native ChatPDF app for Mac. Enjoy 53% off with this discount code AWESOMEBF2023

馃挵 Archimedes - LaTeX and Markdown editor for Mac and iOS. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, only in the App Store

馃摪 News

馃摉 Books

馃捀 Integrating SwiftUI into UIKit Apps - A detailed guide on gradually adopting SwiftUI in UIKit projects. 50% off no code needed.

馃挵 Modern Auto Layout Recently updated for Xcode 15 and iOS 17. 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY.

馃挵 Practical Bundle Get 25% off on all Practical Books including the Practical Bundle with code blackfriday2023

馃懇鈥嶐煄 Courses and Videos

馃捀 Code4Startup - Building and Selling AI Startups Mega discount for the Bundle of AI Premium Series. 90% discount from now until Cyber Monday.

馃挵 Get a yearly subscription to GoRails for just $144/year. That's only $12/mo to stay up-to-date with Hotwire, Rails 7, Ruby 3, and much more!

馃挵 Point-Free - 30% off. Upgrade your Swift programming skills with advanced, quality videos on architecture, testing, and more.

馃搱 Business Software

馃捀 Appfigures - Grow your downloads with powerful and intuitive tools for App Store Optimization and Competitor Intelligence. 50% with code BF2350S.

馃挵 Astro App Store Optimization tool for Apple Developers Improve your app visibility and increase your revenue. Astro provides you with the most up-to-date data directly from Apple Search Ads. 40% Off with KXMTK1MA.

馃捀 WishKit Build better products with customer feedback. Collect and analyze feedback and feature requests in one place. 50% Off with BLACKFRIDAY23.

馃挵 Simplefax - Fax without subscriptions on Mac. 20% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

馃挵 Umami Manager - Monitor & Analyze & Manage you Umami Analytics on the go. Lifetime 30% OFF for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

馃弮馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 Health & Fitness Software

馃捀 DogNote - Pet journal - App for journaling pet-related activities with your family. 40% off Annual Plan.

馃捀 Zenitizer - Meditation Timer - Elegant, clutter-free and customizable meditation timer designed for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad 鈥 50% Off Zenitizer+ Yearly with code BLACKFRIDAY2023

馃捀 Everlog - Markdown Journal - Full-featured markdown journaling or macOS, iPhone and iPad. 55% off Lifetime Plan.

馃巵 Bundles

馃挵 BundleHunt BlackFriday Bundle: Choose from 42 apps including CloudMounter, Downie, Permute and more. Get $3 when you spend $30.

馃捀 The Apps - 10 applications for your and your Mac (75% OFF).

馃挵 40+ deals for marketing, sales, SEO, dev, and CRM software. Offers feature extended trials, extra credits, discounts and lifetime plans.

馃幎 Creative content

馃 Finance

馃挵 SubManager - Track your subscriptions all in one place with SubManager. Get 30% off SubManager+ and 20% off SubManager+ Family during Black Friday Week from 20th November! Includes features like App Lock, export/import and more! Available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

馃捀 PiggyMoney - The easiest way to get started with your household budget. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 60% off Lifetime, Annual Plan.

馃捀 Cashculator - The easy way to track and forecast personal finances (Mac) | 50% off first year.

馃捀 AnyTracker - The most powerful price tracker for iOS, macOS and Android. 50% off Lifetime Premium.

馃攷 SEO

馃捀 SEO Utils - A powerful, user-friendly SEO desktop application available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. It's packed with essential features like Backlink Analytics, Traffic Analytics, Keyword Clustering, SERP Similarity, Sitemap Extractor, and more. | 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY23

馃挵 Editby | Create high-quality, unique SEO-optimized content, keeping your brand's style, monitoring your keywords and best content, and adding citations and references | 40% off (for 12 months) with code: EDITBLACK23 |

馃彙 Home Automation

馃捀 Intelligent Universal Remote Controler | 50% off with code MKTC0HD4CDVX Intelligent Universal Remote Control for Consumer Electronics |

馃暪 Games