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Common configuration files across my machines.

These files apply to several machines:

  • Personal Laptop (OSX)
  • Work Laptop (OSX)
  • Work Desktop (Nixos)

Dotfiles and most program installations are managed by the Nix package manager. Brew cask is used for OS X GUI programs.


  1. (NixOS only) Import nixos/configuration.nix into /etc/nixos/configuration.nix and run nixos-rebuild switch.
  2. (OSX only) Install the Nix package manager.
  3. Install Home manager.
  4. Clone the secrets repos at $HOME/abacus_secrets and $HOME/private_secrets. Obviously, if you're not me, don't do this.
  5. Run home-manager switch.

OS-Specific Notes


On NixOS (my main computer's OS), this manages all system configuration.

Notably, I've set up an HTTP ingress on my local network to allow my phone and VR headset to communicate with my main computer. This configuration can be found in nixos/services/nginx.nix.


On OS X, this installs several helpful developer tools. I still install most GUI programs with brew cask as the Darwin support for Nix is pretty limited.



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