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Sinatra URL shortener.

Go is a super simple Sinatra URL shortener for use behind the firewall.

Most companies soon start to build up a fair number of internal URLs, and it can often be tricky remembering these all. This especially difficult when somebody new joins the company.

Go is a simple solution to this problem. Once installed you could point http://go/wiki, for example, to your company's internal wiki.


  • Shortens URLs
  • OpenSearch integration & autocomplete
  • Navigate to 'go' to create/remove shortcuts
  • Dynamic parameter substitution
  • Hit counts
  • Open source



bundle install
ruby app.rb


The idea is that users can type go/mail in their browser, and be forwarded to the relevant destination. You can make 'go' resolve in one of two ways.

  1. Edit everyone's /etc/hosts file

  2. Set the 'Search Domains' part of Network Settings (preferred method). You can do this at a company wide level, or on individual machines. These domains are searched when resolving urls. For example, you could set a 'Search Domain' to be mycompany.local, and then create the CNAME go.mycompany.local. Then, 'go' would always resolve to whatever server the CNAME points to.

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