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Live Coding Environment for C++, Qt and QML
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Live Coding Environment for C++, Qt and QML

License: MIT Code style: WebKit

This project aims to be the C++ version for Qt/QML live coding.

In constrast to other live coding environments, this project is a live coding QML module meant to be integrated into your application.

Integrating QML live coding into your application significantly boosts your HMI developers productivity. Compared to stand-alone solutions, this approach enables integration of C++ QML components without deploying them first.

Additionally, it enables customization of the live coding environemnt, including pre-loading of resource intensive QML components.

See also

Qt/QML Live Coding with C++ Tutorial

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With Qt Creator

  • git clone the project repository
  • Open the projects .pro file in Qt Creator
  • add a new make install step with Make argument install
  • Build

From the terminal

git clone
cd cpp-qt-live-coding
mkdir build
cd build
qmake ..
make -j$(nproc)
make install

How to Use

To use the live coding environment, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create live.qml which is the live coding version of your main.qml.
  2. Modify your main.cpp to add a -l --live command line argument.
  3. Disable shadow build and run your application.

Take a look at example for an example.

Cookiecutter project template

The easiest way to create a new project with live-coding enable is to use the Cookiecutter template.

pip install cookiecutter
cookiecutter gh:machinekoder/cookiecutter-qtquick-qmake-catch-trompeloeil-live
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