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Machinekit Vagrant

Vagrant config for Machinekit, QtQuickVcp and the Machinekit SDK

Getting Started

This gettings started will lead you trough the installation process.

Clone Git repository

If you have Git installed on your computer clone the Git repository to your computer:

git clone

In case you don't have Git installed and you do not bother installing you can also just download the Git repository as Zip file.

Install Vagrant

Next you need to download and install Vagrant. Just follow the steps in the installer.

Start Vagrant

When installing Vagrant is completed start up a terminal on your computer. On Windows either type cmd in the start menu or Shift-Right-Click (Open Command Window here...) in your desired folder. If you are not in the folder where you cloned or extracted the contents of the Git repository please navigate there using the cd command (cd /my/cool/folder).

Now continute by typing vagrant up in the terminal. You may be asked to install VirtualBox at some point. Just agree and lean back.

Wait for the VM installation to complete.

Watch the tutorial

Once everything has completed (take a look at the terminal) you can continue wiht the tutorial:

Building Qt5 UIs with the MachinekitSDK
Building Qt5 UIs with the MachinekitSDK

Additional commands

The following Vagrant commands are also useful:

Update the Vagrant box: vagrant provision

If something goes wrong and you need a clean state just fire up the command vagrant destroy followed by a vagrant up to get a fresh install.


Common problems and solutions.

Windows - VBoxManage.exe: error: Failed to create the host-only adapter

Problem is either related to missing Windows UAC rights or an old version of VirtualBox on Windows 10. Try the following to solve the problem:

  • Upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version

  • Or try following

  • Open VirtuaBox
  • Go to File->Preferences->Network->Host-only Networks
  • Remove the existing network adapter
  • Create a new adapter with the default settings
  • Restart Vagrant

Windows - VirtualBox crashing

If VirtualBox keeps crashing when starting Vagrant it may be a problem with VirtualBox itself. Try to start VirtualBox manually and boot up the VM. If there is a VT-x problem it may be that your computer does not support hardware virtualiziaton. However, in some cases it is just related to the Hyper-V being enabled. To disable Hyper-V take a look at this tutorial

Desktop does not appear

This problem can be related to the Vagrant VirtualBox GuestAdditions plugin. If you are not sure if you have it installed and you do not care to keep it installed please delete your Vagrant folders. These are .vagrant in the machinekit-vagrant directory and .vagrant.d in C:\Users\<yourname>\.

3D Acceleration is not working

Well, thats embarrasing. This is a result of a VirtualBox Bug with 64bit Linux guests and will hopefully get fixed in the future. For now just don't enable 3D acceleration and everything should be fine.

Username and password

Using Vagrant you usually don't require a password to use sudo or login. However, in case you need the credentials here the are:

username: vagrant
password: vagrant