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Generate Flutter app from description. Then improve it by passing tasks to AI.

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Flukki: Streamlining App Development

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-04 o 13 09 28 PM


Flukki is an open-source tool designed to revolutionize the way developers approach app development.


Flukki aims to simplify and speed up the development process.

Current State

As of now, Flukki is capable of:

  • Generating apps from description
  • Enhancing the logic of existing Flutter applications.
  • Writing unit tests automatically, saving time and effort in the testing phase.

What's Next?

  • AMore reliable code generator: Currently you may get some compilation errors in generated apps.

How to Run Flukki

To get started with Flukki:

  1. Set Up Your Environment: Ensure you have Flutter installed and set up on your machine. [How to install Flutter]
  2. Clone the Repository: Download the Flukki repository from GitHub. [How to clone repository]
  3. Install Dependencies: Run flutter pub get in the terminal in the root directory of the cloned repo to install necessary dependencies.
  4. Launch Flukki: Run the application with flutter run in the root directory of cloned repo.
  5. Setup: Pass your OpenAI api key, select Flutter project, select Dart SDK path.
  6. Start using by clicking generate tests buttons or by providing some coding task

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Generate Flutter app from description. Then improve it by passing tasks to AI.







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