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Installation (Linux/Mac)

You will need the following in order to run ABR locally:

  • MySQL (preferably)
  • PHP 7.1
  • PHP Composer
  • NodeJs v10, NPM v6 recommended
  • JQ - download via apt-get (Debian) or homebrew (Mac), this is NOT an npm module
  • imagemagick
  1. Clone ABR from GitHub

  2. Install npm dependencies, install npm gulp globally

     npm install
     npm install -g gulp
  3. Install PHP dependencies

     php composer.phar install
  4. Run gulp to prepare assets (do this every time if you change JS or CSS)

  5. Configure the settings of your local environment. Rename the .example.env file to .env. Edit the DB settings to connect to your locally running DB. Ask the main dev (madarasz / Necro) for NetrunnerDB keys. Google API keys, you can create yourself.

  6. Prepare ID icons by running this script (downloads from NetrunnerDB, run it regularly)

  7. Prepare DB tables

     php artisan migrate
  8. Add Badges and Tournament Type and format data to your database by importing seed.sql

  9. Run the webapp. It should be available at http://localhost:8000 afterwards.

     php artisan serve
  10. Make yourself an admin. Go to the webapp in your browser. Login via NetrunnerDB to enter your user in the DB. Check your DB (use phpMyAdmin), in table users set the admin value of your user to 1. If you reload the webapp you should see the Admin section in the top menu.

  11. Download all the data required from NetrunnerDB. Go to Admin section and click the Update Card cycles, Update Card packs and Update Identities buttons to get the data. Do this every time a new pack comes out.

  12. You are done :)

Automated tests via Cypress

Due to dependency conflicts, you have to have a seperate environment to test and build :(

  • nodejs 14
Making the test environment
  • delete the node-modules folder
  • overwrite package.json with test-package.json
  • overwrite package-lock.json with test-package-lock.json
  • install cypress globally with npm install -g cypress
  • npm install
Running tests via UI

Open Cypress with npx cypress open command.

Running via command line (headless)

image snapshots will be probably different, disabling such fails Run: npx cypress run --env failOnSnapshotDiff=false

Running via Github actions

under development

nvm is a nice tool to run multiple versions of npm. example: nvm exec 10 npm install Previous Nigthwatch tests were deprecated. Files are still found in /tests/nightwatch/


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