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Bill Lubanovic
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Introducing Python

This repository contains the programs featured in Introducing Python. Some examples have been updated for the second and third printings.

directory chapter
intro 1. A taste of Py
2. Py ingredients: numbers, strings, and variables
3. Py filling: lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets
4. Py crust: code structures
boxes 5. Py boxes: modules, packages, and programs
6. Oh oh: objects and classes
7. Mangle data like a pro
storage 8. Data has to go somewhere
web 9. The web, untangled
sys 10. Systems
net 11. Concurrency and networks
dev 12. Be a pythonista
art A. Py art
bus B. Py at work
C. Py sci
D. Install Python 3
E. Answers to exercises
F. Cheatsheets