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Roadmap / Next Steps:

Currently in the pipeline:

  • make sure disk will never be overfilled with logs or tmp files
  • play all video files random (modify the PIR script for this) there is a sketch
  • add volume setting with store function

  • move overlay into a seperate folder, update manual on this

Next to come:

  • implement gif player:

  • make a cue loop function for dmx, e.g. ola_recorder --playback show01 --duration 30 --start 1000 --stop 10000 see here

  • Update Everything => check olad version, if not 0.10.7, update this as well.....

  • disable swap space, free performance

  • fading images, show next, scale via sliders and via dmx/midi/osc...coming.. pygame

  • setdmxblack = fadeout possible?

  • bluetooth features: connecting boombox, finish this, if somehow possible, already spent several days and nights

  • make the led to flash every 10s so we know its alive

  • power off button also closes browser tab

  • move, rotate, scale images interactive => I do this via dmx/artnet => png gobo player

  • when leaving VNC mode, presenter is not working correctly, fix this!

  • limit IP input to IP adresses only, no text etc. how do I do that??

  • when accessed over the internet, the ola panel is not visible, check how to handle ports with the remote, currently you can ask via mail for another port link..

  • playlist feature to play dmx/video01 and afterwards 02 and so on, tricky bit will be to gather the end of the file audio or dmx end counts?...

  • CP => remove set to 1 and make function to flip all OLA inputs to OLA outputs

  • OLA => is dmx thru working so we can see the show while recording?

  • parse dmx sequences from "cough from the garage" software to playback on PocketVJ (similar to mapping converter, can someone send me an exported file?)

  • audio equalizer and volume slider in CP


  • Link How to mount the Expansion Board on Image kits to an actual tutorial

Just some ideas:


  • Videotutorial for masking in mapper with black.jpg and also with the new paint mask function

  • rewrite mapper section since mapping without mouse and over remote is working now!, also write how to manually change numbers in the .xml file to get faster results

  • remote mapper with webcam, is this possible?, I guess yes, but need to try

  • create list of OSC/midi commands for website (without code around it)

  • Video tutorial for presenter, how to create a simple menu card of a restaurant

  • Video tutorial for VNC/Linux/remote Mapping/Recording using VNC&hdmi recorder


  • change webshop to an opensource variant, finish this!!

  • create my own gitea server and mirror on github

  • shall I stop this project and give up society? meaning freaking out and diving into a nature project somewhere..

by magdesign 2021