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A repository of code samples using PWA Studio libraries
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PWA Studio Code Sample Repository

This repository contains code samples using libraries from the PWA Studio project. Its purpose is to showcase PWA Studio pieces in small scale code samples to help developers become familiar with the API and concepts.

Using this repository

Use this repository as a supplement to the Venia example storefront to help you learn how to develop your own PWA Studio projects.

Online deployment

To see this app deployed online, see its companion CodeSandbox project, which can also be found embedded in pages on the PWA Studio documentation website.

Local deployment

Follow these steps to run this application locally.

  1. Make sure you have the following installed:

    • Node
    • NPM
    • Yarn
  2. Install dependencies:

    yarn install
  3. Start server:

    yarn run start
  4. Navigate to the application at:

Fun Fact: This code sample repository project is a simple React application built using UPWARD!

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