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Welcome to the Magento public backlog! This is a place where we gather the big-ticket items that represent changes in products, features, and functionality for the entire Magento product suite. In the spirit of transparency and open dialogue, we are making this backlog public. However, please don't interpret this as our roadmap (see disclaimer below). This is a living artifact that is expected to be in a constant state of evolution. It doesn't represent a promise or guarantee, and isn't 100% complete for strategic reasons.

To view the backlog, click here or navigate to the Projects tab > Backlog.

Obligatory Disclaimer: All information here is not a roadmap and is provided for informational purposes only. It is general in nature, and should not be viewed as a binding commitment. Magento makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding the information contained herein.

Please do not rely on this information in making decisions, as the development, release, and timing of any products/features/functionality will be made at Magento’s discretion and is always subject to change.

How to read the board


  • Backlog: items that are awaiting prioritization, resourcing, or strategic direction
  • In Flight: items that are currently being worked on
  • Done: items that have been completed and released


  • Community: items that can be developed in collaboration with the Magento Community
  • Internal: items is intended to be developed mainly internally by Magento
  • Com: relevant to Magento Commerce edition
  • OS: relevant to Magento Open Source edition
  • B2B: relevant to Magento B2B functionality
  • MBI: relevant to Magento Business Intelligence

Have an idea?

If you have an idea for how to improve this backlog or what should be on it, please reach out on the #public-backlog channel of our Community Engineering Slack. To keep things clear, typically only big-ticket items are included. Think - if something is large enough to make it onto the roadmap presentation at a big Magento event, it may be a good candidate.

Community Project Process

The following describes a general framework for starting and running joint collaboration projects between Magento and the broader community. Keep in mind every project's dynamics are different and may diverge from the outline below.

  1. Decide that a project is worth doing
    • Community projects can be proposed internally (in Magento) or externally (by Community)
    • Get in touch using the Slack channel above
  2. Alignment with Magento on resource allocation
    • Projects can be fully communit-driven or run in a form of internal-external collaboration
  3. Create an official community project on GitHub and populate backlog
  4. Recruit volunteers
  5. Run kick-off and grooming meetings
    • Set expectations for code delivery
  6. Implementation
    • Run recurring check in meetings and demos
  7. Delivery
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