[API v3] Python Mailjet wrapper
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Simple Mailjet APIv3 wrapper

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API documentation

Every code examples can be find on the Mailjet Documentation

(Please refer to the Mailjet Documentation Repository to contribute to the documentation examples)


(sudo) pip install mailjet_rest

Getting Started

First, make sure you have an API key, and an API secret. Once you got them, save them in your environment:

export MJ_APIKEY_PUBLIC='your api key'
export MJ_APIKEY_PRIVATE='your api secret'
# import the mailjet wrapper
from mailjet_rest import Client
import os

# Get your environment Mailjet keys
API_KEY = os.environ['MJ_APIKEY_PUBLIC']

mailjet = Client(auth=(API_KEY, API_SECRET))

Make a GET request:

# get every contacts
result = mailjet.contact.get()

GET request with filters:

# get the 2 first contacts
result = mailjet.contact.get(filters={'limit': 2})

POST request

# Register a new sender email address
result = mailjet.sender.create(data={'email': 'test@mailjet.com'})

Combine a resource with an action

# Get the contact lists of contact #2
result = mailjet.contact_getcontactslists.get(id=2)

Send an Email

email = {
    'FromName': 'Mr Smith',
    'FromEmail': 'mr@smith.com',
    'Subject': 'Test Email',
    'Text-Part': 'Hey there !',
    'Recipients': [{'Email': 'your email here'}]


Create a new Contact

# wrapping the call inside a function
def new_contact(email):
    return mailjet.contact.create(data={'Email': email})