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Tests Internet Explorer CSS breakage
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Internet Explorer + CSS = ☹

This repository is just to test several CSS issues (true or myths) against Internet Explorer.

It contains some pages that have a text which should render with a green color. On all pages, that text is initially set to a red color and made green by rules further down the stylesheets.

Spoiler alert: Works in all sane browsers but IE breaks.

Issues tested

So far, this allows to "test" the following issues. (It's not like we have automated tests. Fire up IE and click yourself.)

Selector limit

IE will understand only the first 4095 CSS selectors and ignore any from the 4096th on.

Tested with IE 8 and 9; both broken.

Number of CSS files

Only the first 31 CSS files are loaded by Internet Explorer.

Any files included after these are ignored.

Tested with IE 8 and 9; both broken.

CSS file size

There are some rumors on the interwebs about IE breaking at a file size around roughly 288 kilobytes.

We generate a CSS file of about 500 kb (when built statically).

Tested with IE 8 and 9, none broke. People were probably just hitting the selector limit.

Getting it running

It's a middleman application, just because it was easy to set up. Could probably be something smaller, but who cares?

The following is just a quick guide. If you need more information, please check the middleman documentation.

For development:

Building static HTML:

  • middleman build
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