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RJS - RubyJS - Examples on how to write JS* in Ruby - RJS is a valid ruby dialect which resembles JS
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I started writing ruby in this style for quite some time and I am enjoying it quite a bit...

Check out examples.rb or continue reading below...

This is the default ruby-style functions:

### Functions

def foo

JS Style:

# looks like JS to me:

foo = -> { return "bar" }

and here's the RubyJS (ruby) one:

# here you go!

foo = -> { "bar" }

implicit return!1!1!!

Here I'm using ruby blocks. Which give us this syntax function = -> {}, this is very JS.

JS style modules implemented in ruby

module Foo
    "hello foobar!"

Modules.exports = Foo

the implementation of Modules.exports = Foo could be something like:

module Modules
  def exports=(mod)
    EXPORTS[] = mod

def Require(modulePath)
  moduleName = File.basename modulePath
  moduleName = moduleName.capitalize
  require modulePath
  Object.send :remove_const, moduleName
  EXPORTS.fetch moduleName

Testing example with Rspec

# Testing library: RSpec

Rspec.describe("app") {
  specify("this is a test") {
    test = Test.().foo()
    test.should === true


A bit of context...

Why the !#@** I'm doing this?

The perception of Ruby is at one of the highest lows because of things like are essentially slowly "eating" rails as ruby, we will come out of a Ruby-Rails (- ActiveSupport, ActiveRecord & friends) - Rails vs Merb merge was a bit of a failure, we lost a lot of merb cool things - Merb and DataMapper were much better than rails but no one noticed because of omakase

My preferred stack:

  • Roda

  • dry-*everything

  • GRPC

  • varoius ways of writing DSLs, which ruby is best at

  • API development is super fluid with Roda and RSpec

  • we have a lot of good libraries for networking, dom parsing, scraping, async/actors

Bend Ruby a bit so that JS people can be more at ease with it!

my 2 cents


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