Create new Sublime Text window by replicating existing workspace folders
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SmartNewWindow is a Sublime Text plugin that combines 3 commands in one keybinding:

  • New workspace for the project
  • New workspace for the open folders
  • New window

Picking the appropriate one is based on the context:

  1. If there is an open project, a new workspace is created.
  2. If there is no open project but there are open folders, then the unsaved workspace is replicated (only folders). Sublime Text doesn't offer this natively.
  3. Otherwise an empty window is created.

The keybinding is CtrlShiftN for Windows/Linux and N for OS X.



You can install the plugin via

  • Package Manager by searching SmartNewWindow
  • git clone SmartNewWindow
  • Downloading the zip of the repo and extracting into Packages/SmartNewWindow


For customizing the keybinding, you can use the Preferences > Package Settings > Smart New Window menu.


SmartNewWindow is released under the MIT License.