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  1. manaserv Public archive

    A flexible 2D MMORPG server, Moved to:

    C++ 112 41

  2. mana Public archive

    Mana client. Development stalled. New client is developed at

    C++ 67 27

  3. manamobile Public archive

    A new Qt Quick 2 based Mana client suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms. Moved to:

    C++ 19 11

  4. manaweb Public archive

    Web component of the Mana server. Moved to:

    PHP 8 3

  5. manasource-website Public archive

    The website of the Mana project. Moved to:

    HTML 3 2

  6. mana-mingw-libs Public archive

    Libraries that are required to build (or crosscompile) the server and client for windows on mingw. Moved to:

    C 2 4


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