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If you have a name badge from the 3rd Annual Man Global Systematic Investment Symposium, you can run Python programs on it! It's really a tiny computer called a micro:bit.

This repository contains an example program and instructions to help you get started.

Here at Man AHL, we use Python to build systematic trading strategies, although we use slightly bigger computers.

Getting Started


You will need:

  • A computer
  • Your micro:bit
  • A micro USB cable
  1. Connect the micro:bit to your laptop with the micro USB cable.

  2. Open the python editor in a web browser.

  3. Copy the example program here into the editor.

  4. Click the download button, which looks like this:


  1. Save the file to your micro:bit. Your micro:bit works just like a USB stick, so your computer should show your micro:bit as a directory to save to.

  2. Your microbit will show a yellow flashing light whilst the program is loaded. Wait with baited breath.

  3. You should now see your program running on the micro:bit!

Next Steps

Try making changes to the program. Save the new version to your micro:bit -- does it work?

If you're looking for some ideas, you might like to try a dice, ticklish python or a magic-8 ball.


If you get stuck, there's a wealth of information on the official micro:bit site. You may also find the micropython documentation helpful.


MIT license.