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This repository contains list of errors and texts describing them,
used by various modules of the manakai project.

* Files

doc/onerror.txt    Description for the "onerror" handler.
doc/data-types.txt Description for the data types used in JSON data files.

data/errors.json   JSON file containing errors and their descriptions.
doc/errors.txt     Description for the |data/errors.json| file.

data/xml.json      JSON file containing XML document constraints.
doc/xml.txt        Description for the |data/xml.json| file.

source/errors.xml  Original XML file from which |errors.json| is generated.

* Development

Latest version of the files is available at:

Travis CI: <>.

* History

This repository partially derived from: WebHACC Description of Errors
L<Whatpm::LangTag> documentation
and Whatpm Error Types

* Author

Wakaba <>.

* License

You are granted a license to use, reproduce and create derivative
works of these files.  See also documents under the "doc/" directory,
which might contain additional information.