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@flambard-took flambard-took released this May 30, 2019 · 97 commits to develop since this release

MAngband Version 1.5.2 (30th May 2019)

Bugfix release with many new features.

  • Introduce 21 new vaults, designed by Acenoid. (#877)
  • All clients now use PNG tilesets (instead of BMP). (#1247)
  • House Foundation stones will now appear in the dungeon. (#632)
  • House Foundation stones and House Creation scrolls will
    now appear at the Black Market. (#632)
  • New menu: select command (Return/Enter) from Angband. (#1260)
  • New command: Refill Bottle (Ctrl+G). (#915)
  • "New" command from Angband: List visible monsters ('['). (#1262)
  • "New" command from Angband: List visible items (']'). (#1274)
    • Plus, a new sub-window: visible items. (#1274)
  • New, newbie-friendly Macro Editor allows one to supply actions
    by picking a command, an item, or a spell from a menu. (#1270)
  • "New" command from Angband: toggle inven/equip windows (^E). (#1285)
  • "New" command from Angband: repeat last log message (^O).
  • Add proper support for long (>80 chars) log messages. (#1279)
  • Introduce in-dungeon Mouse support. (#1267)
    • Click to Run with Angband pathfinder.
    • Ctrl+Click to Alter nearby grid.
    • Shift+Click to pick up items or enter stairs.
    • On SDL, you will need to press '!' to activate mouse.
      Other clients will have it enabled by default.
  • Introduce term-window Mouse support.
    • Several "quick" actions now happen when you (Shift/Ctrl)
      • click on inventory/equipment windows.
    • Custom macros are supported (see 'user/mouse.prf' for an example).
    • Chat channels in chat window can now be selected by mouse.
  • Spells and items can now be selected by mouse.
  • New option: "expand_inspect" will list equipped item alongside
    the item being inspected, if they aim for same equip slot. (#1284)
  • Bug: level feelings recharge check was inverted. (#1244)
  • Bug: CHR indicator would never update. (#1257)
  • Bug: fix Scroll of Recharging not prompting for item. (#1249)
  • Bug: refresh floor info after picking up gold. (#1251)
  • Bug: refresh floor info for charging wands/staves/rods. (#1254)
  • Bug: fix client crashing on inventory listings on wide terms. (#1276)
  • Bug: macros with templates were completely broken when read from pref
    files, since 1.5.1, now fixed. (#1288)
  • Bug: race/class.prf pref files were ALL loading in, messing with
    player macros (since 1.5.0), now fixed. (#1289)
  • Fix server crashing when DM tries to spawn a vault. (#1280)
    • Also improve item colors in DM menu forge.
  • Fix potential crash in player hostility check. (#1246)
  • Ghosts were not getting max HP properly set. (#1190)
  • Fruit bats were not completely restored on "night" ressurection. (#1286)
  • Fix remembered map not being reset correctly on login/logout, using
    cave generation timestamping (thanks, PowerWyrm!). (#1005)
  • Fix negative speed leading to infinite speed. (#1281)
  • Fix "invisible monsters can affecting running" bug. (#534)
  • Fix "the brave hero" moniker applied to non-brave characters. (#1243)
  • Bug: monster list would not update at many events, made much
    more responsive. (#1241)
  • Fix "display player (history)" sub-window. (#1283)
  • WIN client: fix annoying cursor flickering. (#1259)
  • WIN client: stop "long message splitter" truncating some messages. (#955)
  • WIN client: pressing PageUp/PageDown inside the chat prompt will
    now cycle through the chat channels. (#955)
  • All clients: restore cursor in UI prompts, as seen in Angband. (#1259)
    • Also fix some rare bugs with cursor in looking/targeting mode.
  • Fix various instances of graphics not working in sub-windows. (#1278)
  • Spells can now be selected by name (tomenet-like). (#1261)
    • This includes a special "Project? [y/n]" prompt for Projectable
  • Spellbooks can now be selected by spell name (tomenet-like). (#1261)
  • All "by-name" queries can now be accessed via quote symbol (")
    and terminated by another quote symbol (instead of \r), so
    the macros could look like this: \er"Phase door". (#1258)
    • The old/tomenet format (\er@Phase door\r) will also work.
  • Item "by-name" queries will now include floor items. (#1282)
  • New 'auto_showlist' option to pre-list spells when selecting one
    (similar to 'auto_itemlist'). (#1269)
  • User pref files can now execute game commands, so, essentially,
    multi-line multi-command macros could be created. (#1183)
  • User pref files now have a '{', inscribe-by-name command,
    so simple auto-inscription files could be created.
    • See 'user/inscribe.prf' for an example script.
  • Server will once again report its version when started. (#1273)
  • Windows servers should no longer mix up player savefiles
    based on case-sensitivity, or the 8.3 filename truncation. (#1017, #861)
  • Old players should no longer end up in newly created parties by
    accident. (#1291)

Developer changes:

  • Add port ('!') command. (#1266)
  • p_ptr->redraw is now 64-bit wide. (#1255)
  • Finish inkey() port, matches V312 now. (#1265)
  • Server will tell stdout if it's running in DEBUG mode. (#1273)
  • NCurses port now uses keypad(TRUE) mode (as does V). (#1277)
  • Slight protocol breakage re:#1279, backwards-compatible, though.
  • New "dngtest" console command for collecting dungeon stats. (#1290)
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