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Gitify Mobile travis

If you are looking for the desktop version - manosim/gitify.



Available for free on iOS & Android.



First you will need the react-native cli. To install:

npm install -g react-native-cli

Then install the project dependencies:

npm install

Running the project

For both platforms, first open the terminal:

npm start

To run the project on iOS you will need Xcode 7 and above. For development, it is suggested to use the emulator. Finally just open the XCode Project or use the shortcut:

./scripts/run ios

To run the project on Android, once you have downloaded the SDK, use the shortcuts:

Runs the android emulator (android avd to create it):

# emu_name: Defaults to Android_6.0
./scripts/emulator android emu_name

Run the app on the running emulator.

./scripts/run android


To run the tests (eslint):

npm test