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  • option to disable anti-aliasing with the text tool (#369)
  • if "undo" is pressed several times in a short period, recompute only once (#425, #435, #282, #200)
  • disable the 'reload image from the disk' action if it has never been saved
  • update several translations
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  • draw a wider outline to the free selection when the image is zoomed out
  • don't try to open the app binary as an image when running outside of a flatpak sandbox (#390)
  • fix incorrectly huge height of the selection after rotating it (#369)
  • update several translations
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  • refactoring of the optionsbars (bottom panes) of the transform tools
  • add a "lock line orientation" option to the line tool (#369)
  • fix shift+f10 action when using a selection tool on mobile
  • add an outline to the canvas (#299, #184)
  • "fix" the -c option when using Wayland (#377)
  • lock image proportions by default when scaling with the numerical inputs
  • fix an unexpected way the "crop" tool could expand the selection (#369)
  • preview correctly the areas created by a transform tool before applying a change (#396)
  • fix when the app starts with a transform tool, and this tool is immediately used and applied
  • compatibility with older distributions (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)
  • update several translations
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  • add an action "selection > define as current image" (#332)
  • fix how the canvas was ERASED if it was being cropped on one side but expanded on the other side
  • add an action "selection > expand image to fit [the size of the selection]" (#332)
  • add a several ways of censoring information as an option to the eraser tool
  • preference to select a theme variant (#360, #361, by @alexislozano)
  • add "nip direction" option to the calligraphic nip (#69, #116)
  • better pre-select the currently used font in the font chooser dialog (#359)
  • add optional outline to the pencil, line, and curve tools (#369)
  • better looking outline for the "insert text" tool
  • install files in /usr instead of /usr/local
  • update several translations
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  • new, richer, more readable bottom pane for the selection tool
  • add a "replace with" option to the eraser tool
  • use an adequate layout on LXDE or LXQt
  • force the release notes down users' throat (#347)
  • rewrite the help manual to better force it down users' throat (#347)
  • add color application mode support to the "shape" tool (#329)
  • persist the text background style (#340) and the shape filling style options
  • brush supporting pressure-sensitive input (#69, #116)
  • hairy brush supporting pressure-sensitive input (#69, #116)
  • airbrush supporting pressure-sensitive input (#69, #116)
  • calligraphic nip supporting pressure-sensitive input (#69, #116)
  • fix unexpected "jumps" when unselecting a selection that was defined by an undo
  • improve the fullscreen mode, with a way to toggle the tools list (#265, #189)
  • add an "increase constrast" filter (#308)
  • deleting the selection can now leave something else than transparency #232
  • option to exclude the color left under the selection from the selection itself #232
  • rewrite the UI for changing the color application mode (#329)
  • remove the cool but deprecated GNOME Shell app menu
  • improve flatpak CI (#319, Bilel Moussaoui)
  • update several translations
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  • fix unexplained regression of bottom panes responsiveness
  • mitigation of the "very quick series of ctrl+b" bug
  • disable importing or opening an image using drag-and-drop with flatpak (it was broken)
  • fix printing (issue #20)
  • more pertinent movements of the view when holding and moving the middle-click
  • update several translations
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  • add more keyboard shortcuts
  • slightly better "erase and replace" algorithm for the paint tool
  • better handle attempts to open webp images (#217)
  • better handle attempts to open incorrect file types
  • update help manual
  • remember the value of the anti-aliasing option
  • update several translations (and add the Czech one)
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  • use submenus for the "tools" menu in the menubar
  • fix arrows' heads when the line was semi-transparent
  • fix arrows' heads with specific angles (#286)
  • fix arrows' heads when the line had a square end
  • add option for double-ended arrows
  • add more style options for dashed lines
  • update several translations
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  • better compatibility with pureOS store
  • fix issue with text tool on older distros
  • update several translations

do not package/distribute this version please, use 0.6.3 instead

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  • add keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the tool width (#242)
  • ensure all features are available with all layouts (e.g. "reload" with Cinnamon and eOS)
  • suggest to reload when the file has been saved without transparency
  • new 'copy to clipboard' action (#234)
  • new "paint over the entire image" option to the paint tool
  • fix Debian Buster (and PureOS Amber) support (#275)
  • add option for the 'highlighter' tool to highlight on dark background
  • update several translations